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Monday To Friday

8AM to 7PM

TAD 0-13


In TAD 0-13 we believe in education first. We are a school focused on different aspects of the art of coaching and program design. We teach how to apply those elements in the strength conditioning field, to form a unique layout of knowledge and information. 

The system involves more than 30 different protocols. It is designed to quickly and safely achieve individual or team goals. Training can be adapted based on sport-specific needs, or occupational requirements.
TAD 0-13 has been intelligently built to be fully accessible at all levels. Anyone can approach it, from the untrained person just starting out, through to highly fit operators needing an advanced challenge.
We use different tools and body-weight exercises, selected to stimulate variability, giving ideal neural activity and muscular adaptation. The user is taught how to train and maintain good health in any place, even without a fully equipped gym.
We also educate the subject to investigate, then remove, excess tension, or other sources of restricting force that inhibit performance. This is achieved using mobility drills, correct breathing and an understanding of brain wave optimization during the effort.
The training works right through to the “release” and recovery phases so that hormonal levels will gently return to an ideal state, allowing strength and performance to be improved.

Clubbell Strength

The use of this ancient and redesigned tool will empower the ability to produce strength in angle ad degrees that could not be reached by using conventional machine and tools 

It unique pulling action and leverage create an incredible torque production on the subject. Torque is the most powerful and misunderstood concept of force in the training and lifting field. Strength through rotation. The clubbell also can produce speed, explosive, agile, endurance, centripetal, maximal and relative strength. All this will lead to a more complex understanding of the use of force and thanks to the unique pulling it will not load directly the joint and tissues but it will improve separation trough joint allow a correct moving and synovial fluid production. It will also lay the connective tissues so elasticity will improve and a better good structure will be gained out of work. 

Clubbell is also very transportable and can be integrated with the use of conventional tools or machine in order to support and compensate any linking of force


Is an advanced program designed to regain access to the human movement patterns It works from simple locomotion such is jumping crawling rolling pulling and moving at 360 degree and tridimensional at primary level? Second level we learn how to integrate breathing and self-control moving and different level of using CO2 and optimize the oxygen flow to muscle and brain so to build a better perception of our body and structure and reset it in order to recover some injury or lost the ability to move correctly. We will also prepare our platform to be load in the second  phase with any high volume of work or  external load ( tools )

The third level we educate the brain and improve is learning and capability to focus on details, amplifying and restoring the use of the right and left side of the brain in order to have more creativity that translates to a Problem-Solving brain ability. All this is possible to the new and advanced use of proper movement breathing and brain waves stimuli introduced by the ODDA FLOW – TM


Is a system that has been developed after years of teaching and application for elite units and security operators. Is based more of principles and applications of those under a physical and psychological stress and we are not talking of arousal of a competition game where if my % of mistake will lead to a loss but with the primary goal in mind that % of success is critical when life and death come in to place and a robust, successful response and decision is a must to take. We are working on codifying the software ( brain ) of the individual so he will be able to adjust is “ justified “ offensive response to the different scenario of threat. We are building the human from the ground up to be able to cope with stress at different levels and to operate bare hands, cold and hot weapon devices from a tactical application and skills like driving, close protection, etc.


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