What is your mission in life or training? It is a very difficult question to ask yourself… And many still haven’t figured it out yet even at ’40s ’50s!
About your mission in training? This is the first question I ask every time someone approaches me willing to learn TSJJ or they approach me in TAD 0-13.

Do you know your “WHY?” It is amazing how often people cannot answer it. That is a question that someone asked me every morning years ago… Before and after each training session.

If you are not clear what your WHY (or mission) is, you probably have no clue how to properly equip, train, and prepare yourself. For many, it may sound complicated or simple. My coaching and teaching experiences show me that 99% of the people I met and taught, cannot answer it or they get it completely wrong.
The first realization about training program design is that each action, technical aspect that you learn, every single drill you do, must consider and adhere to your WHY and it’s objective. Once you have clearly defined and understand what you are likely, willing, or allowed (if sport or work specific) to do in a fight, event, or work specific, we can begin to build the skills, techniques, and procedures that will improve the chances to be victorious or successful.

The first big step (a BIG must for me) is: To be honest about your real skill level and start your journey from there.
Too many want to jump into advanced or special training, without can’t even define those words. To accomplish a complex task require n weeks but months or years of training.
When you have really clarified your mission (your WHY?), rules, parameters, scenarios, and your Point A, you now need to understand what training is and what it is not. Then you look for an Instructor to guide you into this journey of self-development, never loess the focus on your real mission. If an instructor cannot articulate the detailed reasons why you are training that Way or about a specific skills or technical or Tactical aspect, you quite simply should not be doing it.

A simple answer like: “that’s how it’s done” or “this is the best way” or even worst “trust me” are not the answers you want, need, and surely not the ones you want your life or training been based on.

Your Life, your Performance, and your Success or Reaching your mission cannot being base on unclear information or based on one man’s success or luck“.

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