“Fear is with me every single day. I do not see it as a wall but as a closed-door that changes lock every day, I just need to have ” passe-port out software to unlock it”
– Cit. myself 

“We take over the planet not adding muscle to our skeleton but adding neurons to our brain“

We were the weakest animal walking on the earth, we did not have the weapon to defend or offend, we were easy food for any other predators, but we did develop a unique weapon that made us able to be around today while others species are extinguished. Thanks to this weapon we were able to hunt and fight bigger predators and we were able to organize us in a team to overcome any struggle and be able to grow.

That weapon becomes so powerful that we could also learn to communicate with other tribes, read animal languages and explore other planets.

We did survive and became who we are thanks to the ability to grow our brain.

Yes, the weapon you all possess …is your BRAIN.

The problem is that although you have it, most of us don’t see it as a “weapon” to be used either for good or for evil.

The modern society with new discoveries and research gave us resources and software that made our lives easy but also made us very vulnerable, and in one way we become prey again.

The problem is that also the  “evil” person (even though they probably don’t realize) they have the same weapon and somehow they learn to tap into its “potential” to do harm.

So, if they have this “weapon” and you have this “weapon” is it possible to tap into its potential to fight back those who choose to use their potential for evil?

The answer is “YES.”

The process is not simple, but the solution is not to just learn a specific number of techniques or a mix of combat arts. First We must re-code the brain in order to process any sort of information under a psychological stress innoculation….AKA when you are under attack and fear!

Evolution, research, medicine, science, and continuous discoveries have led us to be “perhaps” the most long-lived and healthiest human’s generation exists. But we are bombarded with fears of all kinds, terrorism, war, drugs, economic depression, politics, sexual predators, mortgages, religions … Fear grows in the minds of many, irrational most often and sometimes with tragic consequences. OnsetMindset & TSJJ  a  journey through fear with the aim of dissecting it and analyzing when it is real, known, irrational, false, manageable but above all a meeting to learn how to best conscience and make it manageable. The workshop will have two sections, one in the classroom and one in physics, and is open to everyone.

The seminar is good for martial artists and people who never practice ant combat style. We will cover material that is not been seen in a combat sport or dojo and we will go over different scenarios so to un-lock misconceptions and learn who we really are and what we are capable of.

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