Theta Alpha Delta 0-13

Welcome to our Educational LAB
In TAD 0-13 we believe in education first. We are a school focused on different aspects of the art of coaching and program design. We teach how to apply those elements in the strength conditioning field, to form a unique layout of knowledge and information to quickly and safely achieve individual or team goals. Training can be adapted based on sport-specific needs, or occupational requirements.
In the educational lab, we also have more the 50 GPP protocols designed to guide the novice coach during the first part of his professional development . TAD 0-13 has been built to be fully accessible at all levels. Anyone can approach it, from the untrained person just starting out, through to highly fit operators needing an advanced challenge.
We use different tools and body-weight exercises, selected to stimulate variability, giving ideal neural activity and muscular adaptation. The user is taught how to train and maintain good health in any place, even without a fully equipped gym.
We also educate the subject to investigate, then remove, excess tension, or other sources of restricting force that inhibit performance. This is achieved using mobility drills, correct breathing and an understanding of brain wave optimization during the effort.
The training works right through to the “release” and recovery phases so that hormonal levels will gently return to an ideal state, allowing strength and performance to be improved.
The certification seminars will develop coaching skills and the ability to properly analyze and design specific protocols for individual needs and teams. During the three days format, we’ll undergo through lectures and physical applications. We strongly believe that is important for a strength conditioning coach to have a basic understanding of fundamental lifts using conventional and unconventional tools like barbells, dumbells, Clubs, Kettlbel, rings, boxes etc. It is also must to have some knowledge of neurology, physiology, breathing, mobility, recovery and basic NLP.
TAD 0-13 we are not focused on teaching barbells techniques, we are building coaches from the ground up and teach how to program strength or
conditioning cycles for team or individuals, based on occupational, sport or goal needs. We learn to analyze which tool is more appropriate, so as to achieve the result safely and without wasting time. We strongly believe that is important for a strength conditioning coach to have a basic understanding of fundamental lifts, neurology, physiology, breathing, mobility, and recovery.

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